Friday, October 8, 2010

 My sweet cousin ran off to Paris, fell in love and married a Parisian man who promised her roses, croissants and Parisian music for the rest of her life. So... how do you follow that up in Chico?

Well... the perfect (part II) wedding in Durham, CA took place at The Patrick Ranch. Country, Romantic, Casual and so different than their first wedding in Paris. It was a pleasure to help with this event.

The Bride, my beautiful cousin, Andrea, carried a beautiful "Fall" colored inspired bouquet made of lilies, solidago, sunflowers and home grown dahlias.

The Patrick Ranch provides Wonderful Photo opportunities... such as this in the hay wagon.

 The decor included a manzanita "wish" tree where guest wrote wishes to the happy couple and an old vintage suitcase that held photos from their Paris ceremony and cards from the guests.

There were photos of the couple at all ages placed around the tables as well as a hand drawn portrait by one of Jean and Andrea's friends.

The stylist groom, Jean, wore a lavender shirt and purple tie with matching shoes and laces.

The first dance under the romantic glow of the Patrick Ranch dance floor chandelier

An added bonus to being related to the bride... pinning beautiful, home grown dahlias in her hair and picking fresh dahlias from my garden for her bouquet.

Ending with a gorgeous shot of Andrea... overlooking the event.

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