Wednesday, January 25, 2012

The Skull Bride..... Tania and Scott

 One of my favorite weddings....

It started with the shoes... When Tania told me that she was wearing black heels embellished with rhinestone skulls well,    my mind went blank. I wanted to help her make her bridal bouquet unique to her, but skulls?????     And then with a little more creative thought and searching we found a way to put rhinestone skulls as accents in her bouquet, in a funky but very classy way. Her bouquet and Scott's boutonniere just couldn't get any more "them!" 

A Prime example of making your wedding day... 

                 Your Very Own.

The bride wore a beautiful princess style dress and the groom wore a traditional black and white tuxedo...

But there was nothing traditional about their style!

Black posey callas, black kangaroo paw, white spider mums and hot pink roses and freesia made the perfect backdrop for these delightful rhinestone skulls, which were carefully wired into the flowers. 

A sleek white posey calla lily was accented with black chiffon ribbon and a rhinestone skull. 

One man in uniform topped off the look of the guys while the ladies wore black satin.

A beautiful and unique way to make your wedding day
represent you and your love.

It all started with Tania's unique style and these Rock'in Shoes !

So why not end with them.  Thanks again to Tania and Scott who were easy to work with and so much fun to create for.

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