Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Max and Kelsey... Pure Sweet Love.

I know the saying is overused, but this photo does Speak a thousand words. The loudest word I hear is LOVE. Pure Sweet Love. Thank you to our sweet friends Kenny and Kim at K Stone Photography for capturing this moment and the details that follow.

Max and Kelsey tied the knot on 01/07/2012. It was a perfect day in the middle of a Winter month. And I am certain that it was all for this couple. Often times the bride is overwhelmed with the "stress" of the day; the mob of people surrounding you, people constantly asking you questions and taking your photo... etc. etc.  Well, not this girl!  Kelsey was obviously focused on the most important part of a wedding... The fact that you are promising Forever to your lover, your soul-mate and your very best friend. When we entered her room at Hotel Diamond she jumped up from getting her hair and make up done to take a peek at her flowers.  What followed was so unexpected that it took me by surprise and I captured it in my memory; Kelsey expelled such sweet words of appreciation and gratitude while stating that the floral creations we had made just for her were "perfect." Then she hugged my wife and I and I caught a glimpse of her radiant face. The look of love as some might say and I felt so very blessed to have a part in this event. Pure Sweet Love is rare. Those of us that find it are so very blessed.  Thank you sweet Kelsey and Max for sharing your day with us and reminding us all that Love is what is most important.

The Bridesmaids wore black which allowed their colorful flowers to Pop with color and life. Their bouquets were made of green hydrangeas and spider mums, bells of ireland, purple larkspur, eggplant calla lilies, ranunculus and mini gerberas. Kelsey carried a bouquet made up pale colored flowers with varying textures that oozed of Joy. There were hydrangeas, spider mums, peonies, roses and ranunculus wrapped with white satin around the stems.

The groomsmen wore black suits with bow ties. The whole group looks like a bunch of people that anyone would want to have as friends. 

They were married at Bidwell Press, then headed to Chico Event Center for their reception. The CEC is a gorgeous room with windows that pull the sunlight or starlight inside making the inside feel oh so close to the outside. Kelsey chose a natural look with whimsical flowers that pulled the natural beauty inside the room including table numbers covered in moss and bulbs placed at each place setting for the guests to take home with them. 
 I mean Really? Are words even necessary here?
Love. Pure Sweet Love.
 And as a side note... In the middle of setting up the flowers for this event, we rushed to the hospital to welcome our perfect little nieces into the world. Meet Lauren and Sloan Benson. 

January 07, 2012 - A day filled with Love

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