Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Wild and Free

When someone gives me a few photos they like but then says.... But I trust you completely. Well....

This is what happens. I have a blast creating and the bouquet ends up so full and quite heavy that only a "crossfit trainer" could hold it with one hand. Thank you for this opportunity Katie. I truly LOVED creating this for your Wedding day.
I named it Wild and Free

I started with roses, dahlias, hypericum, astilbe and tulips then framed it with eucalyptus,
 agonis and hanging amaranthus. 

Thank you to the very talented and sweet, Shannon Rosan for capturing this.

Gorgeous Shot!!

This arbor was draped with fabric and a eucalyptus garland, a perfect background.

Congratulations Katie and Glenn! I loved being a part of your special day. 

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  1. Thank you for making everything SO perfect!! I adored my flowers and couldn't have asked for better arbor decorations!! You rock!! Xoxo